GrowNOW Borrower Application

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Business Information

Is the company headquartered in the State of Ohio?
Does the company maintain offices and facilities exclusively in Ohio?
Does the company employ less than 150 people?
Are the majority of employees Ohio residents?
Is the company organized for profit?
Is the borrowing entity the exact same entity saving or creating jobs?
Note: If you have answered 'No' to any of the questions above, you are not eligible for participation in the Linked Deposit program pursuant to program policy and/or Chapter 135 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Is the company owner a Veteran or a spouse or surviving spouse of a Veteran?
*If yes, please email a form of military I.D. to (Do not include a Form DD214).
Is your business a franchise?
*Note: A copy of the franchise agreement may be requested.
What year was the business purchased or established?
(Enter as a four digit year ex... 2008)
How many employees are currently on the payroll?
Has the company or owner been approved for participation in GrowNOW 4 out of the last 6 years?
Are you currently participating in GrowNOW or another linked deposit commitment (such as RenewOhio)?
*Answer 'No' if request will be funded upon the expiration of the existing link.
*Note: If you have answered 'Yes' to question 12 or 13 above, you may not be eligible for another linked deposit approval at this time.
Is the small business currently participating in any federal, state or local government programs?
(If yes, state what programs)
*Participation in another program does not prohibit you from applying for GrowNOW.
Select the business category that best describes your business.
Describe the product(s) and/or service(s) the company offers:

Tell us about your loan...

Total amount of bank loan?
Amount of loan on which you are requesting a GrowNOW rate reduction?
In detail, describe how you will use your loan.
Explain how the benefits of GrowNOW will help you create or retain jobs.
*Please provide details about your business plan for the next 2 years and how many jobs will be affected.
*For renewals, please specify the number of employees that were on payroll at the time of the initial application and the number of jobs that were created and/or saved as a result of the current GrowNOW reduction.
If applicable, describe if the loan will provide any civic or community benefits.
Number of full time jobs expected to be created:
Number of part time jobs expected to be created:
Number of full time jobs expected to be saved:
Number of part time jobs expected to be saved:
How did you hear about the GrowNOW interest rate reduction program?
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